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Radio telescope kit

With a broad range of user groups that range from the aviation community, to satellite programs, to general enthusiasts like pigeon racers and aurora watchers, SWPC’s web page offers each of these user groups a dashboard specific to the data sets and information that affects them.

The electric power grid, and consequently the power to your home and business, can be disrupted by space weather. One of the great discoveries of the 19th century was the realization that a time-varying magnetic field is able to produce an electrical current in a conducting wire. The basic idea is that the time rate of change of the magnetic flux (i.e. lines of magnetic force) passing through a current loop is proportional to the current that

Space Weather Impacts On Climate

All weather on Earth, from the surface of the planet out into space, begins with the Sun.  Space weather and terrestrial weather (the weather we feel at the surface) are influenced by the small changes the Sun undergoes during its solar cycle.  

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Yesterday, astronomers in Europe witnessed the most spectacular eruption of Solar Cycle 25 so far. “It was a spine-chilling moment for me,” says Mehmet Ergün, who photographed the massive spray of plasma from his observatory in Traisen, Germany:

INCREASING CHANCE OF FLARES: Sunspot AR3315 has developed a ‘betagamma-delta’ magnetic field that harbors energy for strong explosions. NOAA forecasters estimate a 55% chance of M-class solar flares and a 10% chance of X-flares on May 28th. Any eruptions will be geoeffective because the sunspot is directly facing Earth. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text


So you think you know what a comet is



  • Cosmic Rays Solar Cycle 25 is beginning, and this is reflected in the number of cosmic rays entering Earth’s atmosphere. Neutron counts from the University of Oulu’s Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory show that cosmic rays reaching Earth are slowly declining–a result of the yin-yang relationship between the solar cycle and cosmic rays.

SUNSPOT SUNSETS: Solar Cycle 25 is changing the way sunsets look. It is adding some spots. “Active sunspot complex AR2993-94 was visible yesterday at sunset,” says Marek Nikodem, who sends this picture from Szubin, Poland:


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